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Past Performances:

Strawberry Music Festival, Yosemite, CA

Alaska State Fair

Calif. Mid-State Fair

Talkeetna Bluegrass Festival, AK

& many more…


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Strawberry Festival 2001

Strawberry Music Festival (Yosemite, CA)

Backed by an elite team of 6 seriously talented musicians, Peter took the stage of the sold-out Strawberry Music Festival last Saturday. Being the first up on the day’s roster, attendance is usually not expected to be all that high. Most people are busy lining up for the showers or getting their picnic gear together before they head down to the main stage at the “Music Meadow.”  Three songs into the set, people were streaming on to the scene, getting seats front and center. After two more songs, even more were rushing to get to their chairs. The clever producers of KPIG Radio at the festival broadcast all of the shows on a carrier station called “Hog Ranch Radio,” so the festival goers can tune in if they can’t get to the venue, or head down to the stage when they hear something that catches their ears. All I can say is that it worked to magnetize the audience to the stage!  Before the set was over, there were folks lined up well past the sound booth.  I was told later by camp officials that this was indeed a unique phenomenon.

After an hour of rousing bluegrass-country-folk acoustic reverie, the band was met with a standing ovation from the crowd and whooping and hollering for an encore. The encore was gladly given and met with another standing ovation, as well as a long line at the CD sales booth.  Do YOU have a copy of the CDs yet?

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